Natalia invites you to come and experience what “Pole Fitness” is all about! This exciting and sexy new style of exercise is sweeping the world. Women are finding that this vertical apparatus trains the body to lose weight yet helps you build strong lean muscles like no other weight lifting or resistance training available. By spinning, climbing, inverting, and going aerial, you will gain a power that you never realized you had. Pole is challenging, but once the techniques are learned, a student can progress quickly in executing tricks, spins and transitions. Think of it as aerial gymnastics! 

Natalia herself had the challenges we women face in life. Losing weight, self-esteem and building confidence were challenges she faced daily before being introduced to “Pole Fitness”.

Not too long ago in the distant past, I can remember being overweight (250 Lbs), having low self-esteem and very little to no confidence. Not to mention other challenges due to my health. It was not an easy path but today I am excited about my life. I have lost over 80 pounds, but the greatest reward is not so much what I lost but what I have gained. I now have confidence in myself. My self-esteem is at an all time high. I feel like there is nothing that I can’t accomplish in my life now!

My goal is to help other women reach  their potential, both physically and mentally. Trust me I am not there yet. But come join me on this fantastic journey to becoming the best women you can be. Nothing is impossible if you really want it.